Here at TechGC we believe that successful team members are the critical building blocks for successful companies. We are thrilled to see how much our team has grown over the past six months and are excited to share news about some amazing new team additions and recently earned promotions on our team. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating:


Jerilyn, Director of Member Success

“I have loved playing a part in improving the user experience for our awesome members so far! The collaborative community environment of our member base has been inspiring to be a part of. The hard working, amazing TechGC team is one of the best I’ve had the chance to work with yet!”


Anita, Head of Events

“I am motivated everyday by the dedication of our teams at TechGC in curating the most valuable experiences for our thriving communities. It is also an amazing feeling to hear how our offerings have helped members grow and excel at their jobs!”



Anthony, VP, Business Development & Partnerships

“I consider myself fortunate to be part of a company that allows me to work alongside the most exceptional colleagues one could ever hope for. Together, we share a common purpose of supporting the brightest legal and finance leaders in the tech industry. The enthusiasm and positive energy within our communities are truly contagious, and I absolutely love it!”


Kellianne, Sr. Director of Content

What I love about the TechGC and DeputyGC communities is the vibrancy and excitement around the communities themselves. I enjoy figuring out new ways for the community to connect, to “shrink the room” and create space for members to engage with their closest peers.  It’s always rewarding to hear the positive feedback from our events! 


Julia, Sr. Director of Conferences

“What I love about TechGC is how impactful it is for our members. I constantly hear that our conferences are like therapy, or that they learn things that they immediately implement the next day – and that is so meaningful and personal to me. I’m so excited by the potential of how we can continue to improve and grow the experiences for our members.”

Meenakshi, Director of Events

“Being a part of TechGC has been a privilege! Helping cultivate a world class community and witnessing members make meaningful connections with their peers in real time is nothing short of inspiring. Love seeing the ways we continue to grow and empower people.”



Peter Phelan, Sr. Content Associate

“I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work members of the TechGC team and the community at large. Receiving member feedback after planning and executing events highlights the impact and value of the work that we do. Particularly as I prepare for law school, learning from GCs and DGCs in the community has been formative in developing my interests and career goals.”


Ben L., Software Engineer II

“Working at TechGC is truly rewarding, largely due to my incredible coworkers. Whether we are brainstorming innovative ideas for upcoming projects, collaborating on complex issues, or simply sharing a laugh during breaks, their camaraderie makes every day more enjoyable and fulfilling. It’s rare to find a workplace where everyone gets along so well, and I feel fortunate to be part of such a supportive team.”

New Team Members

Krisi Flournoy, People Operations Manager 

“I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this team and I’m learning what it feels like every day to love what you do, for the first time in my life. This group of people are so warm and familiar that I just skipped right past the new job anxiety and went straight to feeling confident and secure in my role. That says a lot!”

Rohith Parvathaneni, Sr. Data Analyst

“You quickly come to realize everyone here is passionate about what we do and it’s that investment in seeing this all succeed that makes us so good at delivering quality experiences to our members. Knowing that we’re curating a community that helps people be the best professional versions of themselves is incredibly rewarding!”


María Estrada, Conference Associate

“I’m really excited to be a part of the TechGC team! It is a great pleasure to be able to help foster a didactic community for our members by curating a diverse range of really engaging events. I’m very thankful to be part of such a supportive and welcoming team, and I can’t wait to keep curating conferences that our members enjoy and derive great value from!”


Mo Ellabban, Director of Community

“In all my adventures working with various communities throughout my career, TechGC has emerged as the ultimate superhero of professional groups, outshining any other I’ve had the pleasure of joining. With its treasure trove of resources, endless opportunities, and a tight-knit community that’s always ready to lend a helping hand, TechGC is in a league of its own.”


Blaine Edens, Director of Content- F Suite

“What I love about TechGC is the people. From my warm and helpful colleagues to the wonderful, smart members I’ve gotten to meet so far, I feel connected and welcomed! It’s a thrill to be here.”



Githire (Brian) Wahome, Staff Machine Learning Engineer

“Coming from my background in the tech industry, I have grown accustomed to a certain level of detachment from the clients for whom we develop tools. Typically, it is the manager or the marketing research person who is responsible for interacting with the client. However, at techgc, we operate on a principle of “flatness”. This means that everyone, from the backend engineers to the MLEs, has a keen intuition for what the GCs or CFOs expect to see on their various platforms. It is a refreshing feeling to know exactly what we are building, who it is for, and how it will improve their lives.

Moreover, I have the privilege of working alongside industry leaders who share our passion for good technical standards and the same intuition for client needs. The domain in which we work is undoubtedly unique, but what truly sets us apart is the people who facilitate this process. It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey so far, and I am eager to see what the future holds.”

Naomi Gaye, Membership Support Associate

“I love how TechGC brings together individuals into a vibrant community. I love being able to provide support to fellow members and witness the community’s remarkable growth.”



Dave Rosenblatt, VP, Growth

“I’m ecstatic about joining this talented team at The Suite to build exclusive communities for high-growth tech executives.”




Justyn Hintze, Director of Content

“Community is the foundation of growth and success. Since joining the TechGC team, I have had the privilege to learn from and connect with our brilliant TechGC team as well as our incredibly diverse member community—in doing so, I’ve come to understand just how powerful this community truly is. The ability to have raw, honest conversations is refreshing, and I’m so grateful for finding my place here. (And if you’re interested in speaking at an event, please don’t hesitate to reach out!)”

Daniela Soto, Member Success Associate

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Member Experience team. I love TechGC because we truly stand out for our remarkable team, expertly curated to foster an environment of collaboration and mutual support. Together, we constantly strive for personal and professional growth, amplifying our collective ideas and efforts. This dedication directly translates to our members and is evident in the remarkable growth this community has experienced over the past years.”

Cassie Ehrhart, Director of Content

“What I love about TechGC is how engaged and enthusiastic the members are about continuous learning and supporting one another on their professional and personal journeys – I wholeheartedly believe the TechGC community will have a lasting, positive impact on the technology industry and it’s evolution.”


Shaun Sethna, General Counsel

“I’m guessing everyone is going to say that the people are the best thing about being at The Suite. And they are all 100% correct. So to pick something more unique, I’ll say that the role I have here has been wonderful, and I don’t think I could have found this mix of work anywhere else. Getting to constantly switch among legal, HR, and content hats is exhilarating, and feeling like I’m making an impact in those areas is extremely rewarding.”

Aliza Brown, Director of Events 

“Being part of this team means having a network of talented individuals who inspire and challenge me to be my best. Working with people from different places, backgrounds, and areas of expertise drives a lot of creativity, out of the box ideas, and growth. This energy – working with this great team and working with startup tech execs- motivates innovation, and this excitement to work!”

Karina LaPointe, Director of Events- F Suite

“The on-boarding process was the best I’ve ever participated in.  Very clear understanding of what is expected and what the companies mission and vision is.  The commitment each and every employee has to better the community for our members is both motivating and inspiring.  I am lucky to be part of such an amazing team.”


Sara Hennings, Director of Community

“Working at TechGC has allowed me to lean into my strengths of building communities virtually and in-person. It’s always amazing to hear the feedback from our members after our events about how they haven’t been able to find a community quite like ours that allows them to connect with their peers. I love how supportive this team is as well and that our ultimate end goal is to provide a best in class experience for our community!”

Hailey Towbin, Content Analyst

“I knew I wanted to be a part of TechGC based on their mission and values in community aligning with mine. Since joining I’ve ceased to be amazed and am grateful that I get to work with such an agile, intelligent, and passionate group of people. What I love about TechGC is that Greg, Kiran, and everyone else on the team have built a culture a cross the company that fosters growth and sense of being heard. Feedback and ideas are not only accepted on all levels but encouraged.”