In this episode, Andy & Pedro speak with Andrew Howard, Director – Privacy & Data Policy at Meta, who is also a working colleague to Pedro. They cover many topics including…

Andrew’s background and how his study of Geography shaped his career
Team-building & Management, especially with people who are extremely smart
Andrew’s time at Microsoft
Microsoft now as a company
Andrew at Meta and his top 1% status
How the landscape has changed at Meta, particularly after 2016 election
Privacy issues & approaches at Meta
Privacy issues at a small company vs. large company
Deciding what is considered “fairness” what the the metric of fairness should be
How the landscape of privacy shakes out and how soon
Andrew’s 80’s focus
and so much more…
Andy and Pedro are active members of TechGC, an invitation-only community of General Counsels of high-growth technology companies and venture funds. TechGC was founded by 2 Venture GC’s 2015 and now has over 2,500 GC members around the world and over 1,300 senior in-house counsel as part of the DeputyGC Program. Members range from early startups to late stage companies like Lyft, Slack, Pinterest, Dropbox, Cloudflare, etc.) or from venture funds (like Founders Fund, Softbank, First Round, Battery, etc.).