Chris speaks with Lee Cheng, former General Counsel of Newegg about the various problems with the patent system in America. They discuss the history and intention of the patent act, the special interest groups involved in perpetuating the patent troll industry, Blackberry’s infamous patent troll case against NTP, the reforms that can be made to improve the current incentive system, and many other topics.




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Lee Cheng is an attorney and civil rights activist with a long history of achievement in business, law and public policy.  He is presently a Partner at Maschoff-Brennan, a leading technology-focused law firm with offices in Utah and California, and the co-Founder and President of Symmetry IP, an organization focused on fighting patent abuse.

Lee is a two-time winner (2014 and 2016) of the National Law Journal’s America’s 50 Outstanding General Counsel, the inaugural recipient of the Champion of Equal Opportunity Education Rights Award of the Asian American Coalition for Education (2018), and has been given numerous other awards for innovation and excellence in the practice of law.

He has worked for well known international law firms like Latham & Watkins, and as a C-level executive in global, multibillion dollar companies like Newegg.com and Gibson Brands (the owner of Gibson Guitars).  While Chief Legal Officer of Newegg, he developed a reputation as one of the foremost opponents of abusive patent litigation, leading Newegg to victory against over 30 claimants and showing that resisting legal extortion could work both strategically and fiscally.

Lee has been deeply involved in business and community groups, including the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Legal Foundation, the Board of Directors of Publius Lex, the Board of Industry Leaders of the Consumer Technology Association (the largest technology focused trade association in the world and the operator of the Consumer Electronics Show) and the Board of Trustees of the CTA Foundation.  In 1994, he co-founded and still serves as Secretary and as a Director of the Asian American Legal Foundation. He previously served on the Boards of the Association of Corporate Counsel-Southern California Chapter, the Harvard Club of San Francisco, the Lowell High School Alumni Association, the Organization of Chinese Americans-San Francisco Chapter, and AACE.

He is a graduate of Harvard University (History of Science, magna cum laude) and UC Berkeley School of Law.

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