Andy & Pedro chat with Sonia about trends in Web3/Blockchain as well as operating as a privacy professional in a high-growth and uncertain space. – How Sonia got into her role – The privacy challenges – The antiquated privacy laws not matching innovation – Trends in Web3 & Blockchain – And many more topics… Andy & Pedro are is an active members of TechGC, an invitation-only community of General Counsels of high-growth technology companies and venture funds. TechGC was founded by 2 Venture GC’s 2015 and now has over 2,500 GC members around the world and over 1,300 senior in-house counsel as part of the DeputyGC Program. Members range from early startups to late stage companies like Lyft, Slack, Pinterest, Dropbox, Cloudflare, etc.) or from venture funds (like Founders Fund, Softbank, First Round, Battery, etc.).