As a GC, your role is constantly evolving to adapt to the challenges and opportunities you face. In our past conferences, we’ve covered topics such as global expansion, privacy and security, board governance, and more.

For our TechGC Global Summit, we worked with our incredible co-chairs – Georgia Quinn, General Counsel at Anchorage Digital and Shana Neiditch, former General Counsel at ClassPass – to take a birds-eye-view and look at the past, present, and future of a successful legal career as a GC.

In addition to small group dinners and carefully-curated breakout roundtables, we’ll have a full day of mainstage sessions featuring Damien Atkins, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel at Aura, Ramsey Homsany, Co-Founder & President at Octant, Vanessa Gage, General Counsel at Cedar, Manuel Martinez-Herrera, General Counsel at Bettercloud, and Eve Wachtell, former General Counsel at Altitude Learning. 

Here’s a preview of what attendees will learn during each mainstage session of the 2022 TechGC Global Summit.

In the Trenches: What I’ve Learned Across Multiple GC Roles

Damien Atkins, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, Aura

  • What are the keys to survival and success as a GC?
  • How do you control the narrative of your career?
  • How can you have grit while knowing when to quit?
  • How can you earn the respect that goes along with the title of GC?

A Retrospective: Evolving to Be the Right Legal Leader at the Right Time 

  • How can a GC scale with the company and not get layered or replaced?
  • How can you stay relevant as a GC throughout the phases of a company as it progresses from Seed, to Series A, B, C, and beyond?
  • How can a GC make the jump from private company GC to public company GC?

Taking Action in the Moment: Evaluating Knowns and Unknowns to Make Calculated Decisions

  • Why is “giving yourself grace” essential for GCs?
  • How can you build a framework and stock your toolbox to tackle the unknowns?
  • How can you be nimble and expect the unexpected during a crisis?

Future-Proofing Your Legal Practice and Yourself

  • How can you get out of the weeds so that you can be seen as a leader and force multiplier?
  • How do you sell yourself and your team so that you are considered a thought leader in your business?
  • How do you eventually turn into an executive with a seat among the C-suite?

Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned – How to Fail Forward in Your Career 

  • How can you view vulnerabilities as opportunities for leadership impact and organizational growth?
  • How can you successfully help your teams navigate fear?

We look forward to seeing you at the Global Summit if you’re planning to attend! If you’re not able to make it, TechGC members can always access the video recordings and reference materials on the private Member Platform (aka, the Braintrust).

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