Tell us about your background as a General Counsel and current career status…

Currently, I serve as General Counsel at SweetRush, Inc.  We are a custom learning and development company whose technology-driven products and services help support eLearning, instructional design, and culture transformation for corporations and non-profits.  I am passionate about the intersection of law and technology and have always believed in the power of education.  SweetRush presented the perfect opportunity to support this passion and make a real difference.

How does your industry help define your role as General Counsel?

SweetRush faces several core challenges – from intellectual property licensing of third-party materials in gaming and virtual reality (VR) applications to meeting and enabling privacy and accessibility features guided by the ADA and WCAG.

How do you feel the General Counsel should act as a business partner?

My role is unique and ever-changing.  Although SweetRush was founded over 20 years ago, the team remains small and dynamic.  I love that the general counsel role is a good blend of legal, compliance, risk management, and business advising.  I believe that my role directly supports the growth of the business and that my actions help shape and foster SweetRush’s strong employee-centric culture and values.

How do you see the professional growth trajectory as a General Counsel?

Looking back throughout the years, my personal and professional growth took many turns and surprising twists.  I could have never imagined that a specialized IP/tech transactions practitioner to going in-house.  I am surprised by how much I truly enjoy learning about and supporting the overall business and I can envision transitioning to a non-legal role where I can help develop business opportunities and strategic partnerships.

What is the best advice you can give for In-House Counsel?

Two things – (1) deep dive and learn about your client’s business (on your own and from your peers); and (2) then share your experiences with others (simplify the problem and share possible solutions).  Rinse and repeat.  I find that executive teams trust lawyers when lawyers provide legal advice and risk mitigation based on a holistic view of the business and value lawyers when they offer practical business solutions on matters they may have learned on their own.

About Bhaveeni Parmar

Bhaveeni Parmar serves as General Counsel for SweetRush, Inc., an eLearning and development company that uses technologies in novel ways to help companies educate and train their workforces. Her career has focussed on the intersection of business, technology, and the law, while developing expertise in intellectual property law, technology transactions, and product counselling. In her downtime, she enjoys cooking, learning about different cultures, improving her Pilates form, and tweeting under the handle @TechSavvyLaw.