In this interview, we bring you the story of a lawyer, Stephanie Adamson King who ventured from medicine to law, found her niche in the business world, and excelled as an in-house counsel. Discover the moments that shaped her career, her introduction to TechGC, and how she became a central figure in the dynamic realm where law and technology converge. Her journey is unique and her role as a connector and problem solver makes her a valued member of TechGC.

From Medical Dreams to Legal Realities

Stephanie’s journey commenced with aspirations of a medical career, greatly influenced by her father, a surgeon. However, her tendency to faint in medical settings redirected her towards government and policy courses, where she discovered a natural skill. Interested by emerging technologies, particularly in infertility and assisted reproductive technologies, she decided to major in government while also exploring science and engineering classes. Subsequently, she ventured into business through consulting in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, where she developed an interest for problem-solving and strategic thinking. This different background ultimately led her to pursue a J.D./MBA, and it wasn’t until she entered the realm of in-house counsel that she truly embraced the multidimensional role of a lawyer, relishing the position as a connector, problem solver, and facilitator of solutions, all within the broader context of the company’s success.

Her journey into the legal world was driven by a persistent aspiration for an in-house career that would allow her to deeply immerse herself in the business realm. Her commitment to education and robust training led her to initially choose the path of law firms, where she sought different client experiences and rigorous preparation. Stephanie’s goal was to find that one perfect client whose mission resonated with hers. Her path eventually led her to Gilead Biosciences as a fourth-year attorney, where she filled the role of a versatile legal professional. She became the ‘Jackie of all trades,’ taking on a wide range of responsibilities, including venture work, private equity, life sciences transactions, and contract management systems. Stephanie’s unique journey at Gilead paved the way for her future success in the legal field.

Discovering TechGC

Stephanie was introduced to TechGC by a colleague named Jim Moroney while working at Latham as an associate. She was initially unfamiliar with TechGC but found it to be a valuable resource, especially as a first-time General Counsel (GC). She joined in 2017 when there were around 400 GCs, and the TechGC community was known for its openness and authenticity, with members helping each other with practical matters. Since then, she has continued to benefit from her TechGC membership and has never looked back.

In Stephanie’s own words “Oh my goodness. Too many highlights. I absolutely love the Conferences in person and the Summits, likely because she thrives on face-to-face interactions. While adapting to virtual events during the pandemic, she realized the value of TechGC’s community, especially when seeking guidance on complex matters. One memorable incident was when she posted a query about a unique funding agreement on the listserv. The response she received was both surprising and amusing, as it came from someone who claimed to have invented the agreement but had never heard of its specific variant. It showcased the community’s ingenuity and willingness to help.