In the world of law and business, there are those who follow a well-defined path, and then there are individuals like Charlotte Morgan, the Chief Legal Officer at Adore Me. Her journey to becoming a lawyer is a testament to the power of determination and a passion for the legal field. In this interview, she graciously shares her path to becoming a lawyer, her decision to venture in-house, her meaningful engagement with TechGC, her favorite moments within the organization, and her adept use of its resources to navigate work-related challenges.

About Charlotte Morgan

Charlotte Morgan

Chief Administrative & Legal Officer at Adore Me

Charlotte is a dynamic senior business partner with extensive experience in legal affairs and strategic operations within start-up, emerging, and high-growth direct-to-consumer (DTC) sectors. Her background showcases a remarkable blend of expertise in risk management, regulatory compliance, and corporate transactions, underscored by a talent for managing outside counsel cost-effectively. Known for her proactive, problem-solving approach and her ability to lead in uncertain environments, Charlotte excels in turning challenges into opportunities and steering teams towards collaborative solutions. Beyond her professional prowess, she also shines as an exceptional event planner, adding a unique dimension to her leadership capabilities.

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Journey into the legal profession

Charlotte’s journey into the legal profession is an interesting one. Despite majoring in history and minoring in marketing during her college years, she always had a clear vision of herself as a lawyer. Her high school debates set this aspiration, leaving her with no doubt that law was her destined career. Law school turned out to be the perfect match for her strengths and personality.

Charlotte’s legal career began with a focus on compliance and legal consulting for companies worldwide. This work offered her a blend of travel, challenges, and problem-solving that she found truly enjoyable. Her career path took an unexpected turn when she joined a team at Debevoise that was destined for the SEC, a move she wasn’t willing to make. This moment led her to take a leap of faith and co-found a startup called “The Shoplift” in 2014, operating in the social shopping space. While the concept was promising, the implementation fell short, prompting Charlotte to consider an in-house role. During this transition, she continued to do legal work to make ends meet, eventually leading her to the opportunity at Adore Me.

Discovering TechGC

Charlotte’s introduction to TechGC  marked a significant milestone in her in-house journey. She became a member of both the Association of Corporate Counsel and TechGC in 2016. It was at a breakfast event for in-house General Counsels in the retail industry that she first learned about TechGC. Despite being surrounded by accomplished GCs with impressive backgrounds, she felt a need for a different kind of connection. Someone suggested trying out TechGC, which proved to be a significant decision.

One highlight for Charlotte was last year’s Executive Summit, which provided a refreshing escape from the daily routine. Set in a serene beachside location with a refreshing sea breeze and vibrant flowers, it fostered deep connections beyond the typical conference networking. This transformative experience left a lasting impact. TechGC’s significance extends further; during the pandemic, it proved agile, swiftly offering support and resources to members struggling with unprecedented legal, personnel, and business challenges. In times of crisis, TechGC emerged as a vital resource, guiding businesses through uncertainty.

Leveraging TechGC for Work Solutions

Charlotte emphasizes that TechGC is like finding a life partner in college. It pre-vets individuals who share similar interests and environments, which can be challenging to find in adult life. TechGC brings together a community of smart, informed, and business-minded individuals who must make operational decisions efficiently. One specific instance is when Charlotte needed to find outside counsel for a new venture, launching a beauty product line subject to FDA regulations—an area she had no prior experience in. Unlike other contacts who might recommend big law firms, TechGC provided pre-vetted recommendations from people who understood their community’s priorities. This approach ensured swift and actionable advice, aligning perfectly with the fast-paced demands of in-house legal work.

About TechGC

Called “the gold standard for legal peer groups” and “one of the best professional growth investments an in-house attorney can make,” TechGC is an invitation-only community for general counsels and CLOs of high-growth technology companies and leading venture capital funds. Over 2,000 GC members have access to 300+ world-class events per year, a robust online platform where GCs ask and answer pressing questions and share exclusive resources, and industry- and location-based salary survey data.

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