In this blog, we delve into the journey of one of our legal professionals, Anthony Gin, who took a unique route from law school to becoming general counsel at a venture capital fund and a valued member of the TechGC community. During our conversation, Anthony shares insights about his move in-house, his active involvement in TechGC, memorable experiences from his tenure at the organization, and the methods he employs to make the most of its resources when tackling professional obstacles.

Journey from the Firm to Fund

Anthony started his legal career at Kirkland & Ellis working with private equity funds. However, he found that he wanted a deeper involvement with the business side of transactions. That’s when he stumbled upon the cannabis industry during the sector’s early boom. Seeing its unique potential for attorneys as a new industry with a rapidly changing regulatory environment, he transitioned into his first in-house legal position at MedMen, a high growth cannabis company building a nationwide retail footprint. At Medmen, Anthony focused on commercial transactions and rapidly expanding the business through M&A transactions for retail dispensaries.

After MedMen, Anthony joined Upfront Ventures, one of the leading venture capital funds in Los Angeles, as their first legal hire. As General Counsel at Upfront, he focuses on the execution of the fund’s venture capital transactions and assists on fund formation, portfolio company management, as well as compliance.

Anthony’s journey to becoming a general counsel at a venture capital fund was characterized by exploration, hustle, and seizing opportunities. His transition to in-house legal work allowed him to witness the transformation of the cannabis industry and the rapid growth of the venture capital sector. Overall, his journey was a mix of curiosity, fortunate encounters, and a commitment to excel in a dynamic and evolving legal landscape.

Discovering TechGC

“Greg (TechGC Co-Founder, Greg Raiten) reached out to me when I first joined Upfront 4.5 years ago. It still felt like a startup phase for me – it was my first general counsel role and I was still learning what it meant to work at a fund. Greg introduced me to TechGC, and it turned out to be a fantastic community. I attended events, learned from experienced peers, and grew in my role as a solo GC” says Anthony.

TechGC Highlight

The standout experiences for him within TechGC have been, first, the conferences, notably the VCGC Conference, which gathers venture capital general counsels (GCs) from various regions, and, second, the targeted discussions with experts. These events foster networking and information sharing, particularly during crucial moments like the PPP loan rollout and the Silicon Valley Bank saga. Two vital resources stand out to Anthony: TechGC’s Compensation Survey and the Braintrust. The Compensation Survey provides exclusive data essential for GCs, especially those in private companies and funds where benchmarking is difficult. The Braintrust, on the other hand, integrates into his daily workflow, serving as a valuable resource for finding specialized expertise and creating a verified trust list for professional services. Overall, TechGC has played a key role in connecting GCs, fostering knowledge exchange, and providing indispensable tools for navigating the legal landscape.