In the fast-paced realm where law meets technology and venture capital, TechGC stands as a beacon of collaboration and knowledge exchange. In this series, we explore the story of Abigail Johnson. Her journey and insights bring shape to the impact of TechGC on the ever-evolving legal landscape.

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Abigail Johnson

General Counsel and VP of Operations at Sapphire Ventures

Abigail is a versatile leader with expertise in legal affairs, finance, and management. With a background as General Counsel at Sapphire and experience in venture capital, M&A, and corporate law at Jones Day, she brings a wealth of knowledge to any project. Abigail holds a JD from the University of Chicago Law School and a bachelor’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Rice University. Her commitment to driving impactful change, combined with her diverse skill set, makes her a valuable asset in any endeavor.

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A Career Shift Decision

Abigail’s journey into law began during her undergraduate years as an engineer, specializing in civil and environmental engineering. She was initially interested in regulatory and environmental law. However, in law school, her focus shifted towards corporate law.

After just two years in big law, Abigail made a surprising shift to an in-house role. Her journey began after law school, when her big law firm’s start dates were postponed. During that time, she worked at a San Francisco startup for five months and discovered her passion for in-house work. She loved the hands-on, diverse projects, and the chance to be part of a company’s journey and work more closely with their management team. While she had enjoyed corporate law practice, it became too specialized for her liking. Unexpectedly, she found an opportunity at a venture capital firm, at which she is approaching her 9-year anniversary.

Discovering TechGC

Years ago, Abigail first encountered TechGC through the VCGC network, a community where she and fellow legal professionals in the venture capital and investment firm world exchanged best practices, ideas and collectively tackled challenges. During one of these discussions, the TechGC community emerged as a one-of-a-kind resource, aiming to engage not just portfolio company GCs but also a broader legal community. Reflecting on those times, she distinctly remembers Greg, a fellow GC at a venture fund she met, who played a role in introducing TechGC to her. Abigail is grateful to Kiran and Greg (TechGC Co-Founders) for their dedication and commends their entrepreneurial spirit, as they launched this impactful community.

While Abigail has cherished many aspects of TechGC, she holds a special appreciation for the in-person events, while still underlining the invaluable resources that online content, programs, and email discussions provide to this community. These resources facilitated rapid adaptation and knowledge-sharing, covering topics from remote work strategies during COVID to expeditious financing for affected companies during the SVB crisis.

The Power of a Community

During the last several years, Abigail found that having a diverse and experienced network was a tremendous asset. It wasn’t just about finding clear answers to specific questions; it was about learning from others’ adaptability and creativity. TechGC provided a platform for sharing ideas, whether through webinars, emails, or brainstorming sessions, allowing Abigail and her peers to navigate challenges, by swiftly exploring various solutions and supporting their portfolio companies.

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